Peace and Harmony

Opening event: 14 February,  6:30pm - 8:30pm
RSVP by 10 February
Curator: Sehar Ashar on 0414 434 911 or email

Jimmy Engineer is an eminent artist, a social worker and philanthropist from Pakistan. His artwork includes a variety of themes from landscapes to cultural and historical paintings, calligraphy, abstracts, miniatures and self-portraits.This exhibition at Art Space on The Concourse will feature a number of limited edition canvas prints of Engineer’s paintings from his various series, each image portraying his quest for peace and harmony. 

In 1976 Engineer became a professional painter, but his achievements went much beyond his artistic creativity when he discovered deep care and love for all his fellow beings, especially for the underprivileged. His artworks soon became expressions of truth and his images began to speak of his compassion for the people he saw. Although an artist by profession, Engineer's life has revolved around supporting troubled individuals as well as social work institutions, though he himself prefers to remain undocumented and unsung. He states, "I don’t think this world needs heroes, it needs good people, good and simple people." Engineer's work has never failed to captivate successive generations of art lovers. His creative paintings are appreciated and recognised by art lovers both in Pakistan and abroad. He has held more than 80 art exhibitions around the world, which has given him great recognition as an international artist. 

To pursue his vision of a just and equitable society, he continuingly supports humanitarian and peace missions in Pakistan. He has led more than 50 walks for noble causes in addition to arranging extensive awareness programmes for handicapped, blind and orphan children. Engineer has received many awards and medals for his long illustrious art and social work career since 1976. In his humble opinion, Engineer believes that to be a good human being is better than being a great artist.

Artist Talk

17 February, 2pm
My life and work: a labour for peace and harmony

Image credits: Jimmy Engineer, Pakistani Architecture, oil on canvas, 2004.