Exhibition Creativity China 2017

  • Exhibition I: 31 January – 4 February
  • Exhibition II: 7 - 11 February

10:00 am – 5:00 pm Wednesday to Friday
10:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday and Sunday  

An exhibition of artworks from the finalist’s in an online global sketching competition, presented over two consecutive one week exhibitions.

AndSoOn Consulting and Events P/L. (Australia) are proud to host this exhibition that is a derivation from a global on line competition based in China held from September to December 2017 and organised by Dragon Knight (Shang Hai, China).

Students and practitioners were invited to submit drawings that responded to the competition theme of “originality in sketch”, to reinvigorate the passion of drawing. This exhibition presents a collection of some of the finalist’s submissions, as well as the winning artworks.

Sketching has a long history, originally developing during the Italian Renaissance, but quickly spreading to the East.  It formed the basis of art school training for subsequent centuries. 

In contemporary China, many art practitioners continue to sketch and this is “a great contribution to protect and preserve some special culture heritages which are disappearing in the mass construction of Beijing city in the modern time”, to quote Kuang Han, a well known Beijing based artist.

With the advent of digital art, animation and technology, the traditional tools of pencil, pen and paper are no longer the only ways of mark-making.  When new technology joins forces with a traditional art form like sketching, this can only make for new and innovative ways to entertain the world.

Image credits: Courtesy of Guangjian Huang, one of the judges of the Exhibition Creativity China 2017

Email: piaffer@andsoon.com.au