Presenting a range of video artworks on The Concourse’s large-scale outdoor screen.

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SCREENING TIMES:  Daily, 12:15pm – 1:30pm & 6pm – 7:15pm

*Please see below separate screening time for All Our Paradise.

Iris Shen, The Eclipse, 2019, video still

The Eclipse | Single channel video with sound by Eye Shen 

Duration: 6 minutes

The Artist’s mother photographs the flowers in her garden and sends them as daily digital greetings to family and friends overseas. The artwork captures the eclipse of a moon constructed with those flower images.  Like the moon, our identities and senses of belonging are in constant flux and just like these flowers, Australia’s cultural fabric is diverse. The blooming moon is a symbol for the hope for a better future and a sign of respect to those who have left their homeland.

Acknowledgement: Flower images courtesy of artist’s mother Jenny Duan. 

Image: Eye Shen, The Eclipse, 2019, video still

Tom Loveday, Willoughby Train, video still 2

Willoughby Train | Single channel video with sound by Tom Loveday

Duration: 36 minutes

Using video footage from a journey taken by train from the centre of Sydney to Willoughby, Willoughby Train manipulates this imagery with abstract effects. As the animation is connected to actual daily traveling experiences, the video looks to the shared travel experience of a community and the overlooked aesthetics of the community in daily life.  


Image: Tom Loveday, Willoughby Train, 2019, video still

Golshan Shokouhi, Hands, 2019, video still

Hands Single channel video with sound by Golshan Shokouhi 

Duration: 4 minutes

Hands brings the subtle nuances of life that escape our everyday gaze into focus. Gestures of the hand are charged with layers of emotions that are often neglected and easily overlooked in our pre-occupied minds. Hands challenges the viewer to stay present with simple and subtle movements of the hands and experience all the ranges of emotions that simple hand gestures evoke.

Image: Golshan Shokouhi, Hands, 2019, video still

Tamara Whyte, Bulman Hybrid, 2018, video still

Willi Willi |  Single channel video with sound by Tamara Whyte 

Duration: 4 minutes

Bulman Hybrid |  Single channel video with sound by Tamara Whyte 

Duration: 6.05 minutes

Tamara Whyte’s videos focus on the survival of Aboriginal people and the stories which Indigenous communities continue to live through today. These videos are a contemplation of place and the natural world and the way in which every sovereign expression at the individual, family and community level is a form of resilience and resistance. Daily acts of living are daily acts of survival and sovereignty.  

Image: Tamara Whyte, Bulman Hybrid, 2018, video still

Edison Chen, All Our Paradise, inimation still, 2019


All Our Paradise  Interactive live streaming video and animation by Edison Chen

Filming and screening during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday 3pm – 5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 2pm – 4pm

All Our Paradise is an interactive screen artwork inviting the community to grow and maintain a virtual Eden. People within the interactive area will be helping digital inhabitant Radish. As participants play on camera, their actions influence and breathe life into this virtual world, resulting in the blooming of flowers within the animation. The growth of the garden scenery reveals the collective actions of the audience. The artwork seeks to encourage feelings of nurture to demonstrate how our positive contributions can aid the resilience of this paradise.   

Programmer: Matt Cabanag

Sound: Hannah Cheers


Image: Edison Chen, All Our Paradise, 2019, animation still