Special Event: Interactive Performance - The Tenacious Realm

Special Events:

Performance Dates and Venue: 

  • 5pm – 8pm, Friday 6 September - Part of WVAB Launch | The Concourse (Lower Grass Area) and Art Space on The Concourse
  • 1pm – 4pm, Saturday 14 September | The Concourse (Lower Grass Area)
  • 1pm – 4pm, Saturday 21 September | The Concourse (Lower Grass Area)
  • 1pm – 4pm, Saturday 28 September | The Concourse (Lower Grass Area)
  • 6pm – 10pm, Friday 27 September - Part of The Moon Bar | The Concourse (Upper Terrace of the Outdoor Area)

ONE THOUSAND LITTLE PATCHES - Interactive performance by Rachel Buch

Rachel Buch’s performance presents the story of a fictional character—unprepared for cold weather and living in a sleeping bag insufficiently insulated. For several days she will be recounting her story and asking people to decorate patches that will be sewn onto her sleeping bag home to make it warmer. Her narrative will open up discussion about connecting with local community, knowing when to ask for help and the importance of having a system to help you. One Thousand Little Patches asks important questions.  Are communities well equipped to look after each other? Are we emotionally connected enough to look out for others? More importantly, how do we educate those who have not experienced a major crisis?

Part of the Official Opening of the   WVAB logo

Image: Rachel Buch, Where I Go at Night performance 2, 2018 at Geelong After Dark. Photograph by Ben Westheimer

Email: Cassandra.Hard-Lawrie@Willoughby.nsw.gov.au