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In a world where technology is bringing us all closer together, why does it feel in so many ways we are becoming more and more distant?  No one on the train makes eye contact, people sit across from friends in silence glued to their iPhones, Facebook friends are ample, but there’s no one to hang out with on a Saturday night. We all seem to be able to define online community – but what about real life community?

These are some of the thoughts that go through my head not only as a filmmaker but as a human being. Where are we heading as a species? I love the possibilities of connectedness but I wonder is it being harnessed to truly connect.

That is why I’m so proud of the 11Eleven Project Film.  We were able to get people from 179 countries to record their lives on one day – 11/11/11. We used every piece of technology available – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Translate, Email, Mobile Phone, Apps – anything and everything and we did it for one major reason – unification – to UNITE human beings.

Song, sounds, film, text and photos arrived from across the globe and I had the honour as the projects Creative Director to curate the work and now it’s available for you to see at The Concourse Urban Screen in Chatswood on 11/11/12.  There are two versions of the film – an M and a PG – but don’t worry, as it’s a public space, the film has been edited for a more appropriate friendly public viewing (no violence or swearing here).  The 65 minute documentary which encapsulates a “day in the life of the world”, will provide you some insight into how other people live their lives across the globe.

The reason why it was so important for us to have a community screening was because I wanted people to gather together with their communities to share a collective experience.  It warms my heart to imagine the possibility of human engagement amongst friends, family and stranger. How beautiful to see people connect for a positive reason.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the 11Eleven Project Film, and that it will lift the spirits of everyone who sees it and we will all feel a little bit closer to one another.

Danielle Lauren
11Eleven Project Creative Director

11Eleven at Chatswood

The 11Eleven Porject Film will screen on The Concourse Urban Screen, 4.30pm, 11 November 2012. Deatils available on our website.

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