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Belated happy new year etc etc! The mini-human is now over 3 months old which means a little more predictability and a little more freedom to this new family’s lives. Hey look, I’m even blogging! Granted, dinner outings are still but a glimmer in the distant future (dinners with the extended family have involved him being passed around between family members to keep him pacified) however brunch/lunch and snacks within walking distance of home are much more doable. So I guess that’s what will mostly be appearing here for the time being.

With Sydney turning on its colours for summer, imagine my delight to discover that a proper gelato place opened up near me a couple of days before Christmas. By proper I mean, having never been to Italy, that this is how I imagine real gelato should taste.

Operated by friendly Davide and Luca, Gelateria Gondola sees them dressed as gondoliers and serving up flavour-intense yet delicately smooth and light gelato with a smile. Flavours range from gelataria staples of cioccolata and pistachio, sorbets made with an abundance of fresh fruit, and less often seen flavours such as “fior di latte” (mozzarella milk gelato) as well as “fior di Jersey” (Jersey milk gelato).

Gelateria Gondola also use Jersey milk in their coffees, but if you’re looking for something non-dairy then try the coffee granita (sample tasting above) – just ask them to hold the cream – which is whipped into a slushie-like consistency. Super refreshing which the husband has dubbed his new “iced coffee” of choice.

Gelateria Gondola
2/77 Archer St (near cnr Victoria Ave), Chatswood NSW

Opening Hours: 7 days 8:30am-10:30pm

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