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Salsa Classes for Beginners teach this bloke the secret to being a Latino Lover

I like to think of myself as a man with the moves. When it comes to dance-floor action, I need no encouragement to bust out my Aussie two-step on the odd occasion. But despite my conviction that I am brilliant at everything, my better half has been watching So You Think You Can Dance recently and before I knew it, there we were at Latin Junction’s  studios feeling outsmarted as I watched the suave moves of our salsa instructor, Felix.

It was the beginner’s salsa course and I was surprised to find that we bumbled through quite well.  Felix and his partner, Amber, were as helpful as they could be and did their best to make the class feel less goofy and intimidated as possible. High fives after each new step were obligatory and I found myself actually managing to look up occasionally at my dance partner instead of at my hesitant tootsies.

Felix offered his insights into the benefits of learning this dance after class, “In salsa, it’s the man’s job to lead. He holds his dance partner, he decides what he wants to do where he wants to go – and she follows,” he explained. “ ‘Bloke culture’ implies that dancing is not very masculine but what could be more manly than having the confidence to ask a girl to dance with you and the ability to actually enjoy the dance? “  Suddenly it clicked; salsa is sexy. Ladies love the salsa.

I probably should have guessed this by the grin on my partners face after the class. “Women are used to going to nightclubs with their girlfriends and dancing in a circle around their handbags,” Felix enlightened me.  “With salsa, there is an element of surrendering to the male lead – which, for most girls, can take some getting used to – but once everyone gets the hang of it, the magic begins.”   I noticed the beaming faces of the ladies as we one- two-slide-two-ed around the class and started to think these Latinos might have a thing or two to teach me.

Latin Junction have partnered with Altitude dance which offer advanced salsa. So, if you really get hooked, there is the option to take your salsa to a more serious level of training. They also take their beginners groups out to social salsa dances around the city to practice.

Ben Gibbs
Two Flat Whites

Salsa Class Chatswood

Salsa Class Chatswood

Salsa Class Chatswood

Salsa Class Chatswood

An 8-week beginner’s class in Chatswood on Monday, 5th November at VJ’s Hall 28 Chatswood Ave, Chatswood and at $139 and the opportunity to unleash your rhythmic urges, it’s worth every penny.

You can enrol on the night or pre-book at

For more information email

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