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I’ve often been asked how to tie a headscarf, so as promised last week here are a few guidelines on how to tie one version of headscarf. Now of course, you will be using the beautiful d-lux scarves - large enough to support your luscious locks, if not I’ll forgive you, but you just might want to invest in one!

 Scarf from d-lux scarves

1. Depending on how much hair you have will depend on the size of scarf you need. If you’re like me and it’s past your shoulders, opt for a good sized square, at least 60cm squared. Your hair needs to be up and out of the way as well, bobby pins come in really handy.
2.Fold it into a triangle.
3. Place the longest side of the triangle at the base of your head, with the two sides hanging over your ears and the shortest point over the front of your head so that it is resting on your nose.
4. Bring the sides up, making sure all your hair at the back is tucked in and tie teh sides in a know over the top of your head. You may find that the triangular bit starts to slide back, so make sure you grab it and pull it forward so that it is nice and tight.
5. Now this is the tricky part – you need to fold that front bit back and tie another knot over the top piece?
6. It will look a little messy, but now you just need to fold the 2 ends of the triangle that are left back into the rabbit ears that are sticking out so that you get a nice and tidy look and voila!

Tips – If you want to funk it up a bit, make the triangular piece that comes down to your nose much shorter and have it just sitting past your forehead. Sometimes if you leave a little bit of hair out it frames your face, you’ll know if it works for you or not.

Just so you know it has taken me a few attempts to get it right… don’t be despaired if you don’t get it perfecto the first time!

I’m going to do a video in the coming weeks – yes launching into the world of videos, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Just couldn’t also resist sharing a picture of this scarf with you – such stunning trendy colours and at $69.95 you don’t have to think twice!

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  • Amanda 2:23PM on October 16, 2012

    Might give this a try - I am hopeless with scarfs!