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It’s been a while since my last blog, thanks to a lovely little bug called Pneumonia that decided to take residency in  my  chest…..and finally as I bid it farewell… Ahh – finally some me time….

Although, I might live in the Eastern Suburbs now,  having grown up and spent the best part of 18 years in Roseville, The Chase is still very close to my heart and yet again I find myself driving across the bridge to the dark (I mean) north side to get my hair done. I think all the women in the world (well those fortunate enough to visit a hairdresser) would agree that you would travel just about any distance to have your hair done by a hairdresser who can get your hair the colour you LOVE and LOVE honestly!

And I have found that person after having several unsuccessful first dates with many hairdressers (over the past seriously 24 months)….Hello - Nicola at Luxe Concept Salon in The Chase. Nicola is English and been in Aus since March this year and I for one am glad that she is not wanting to go back to the UK, I will never let her. I would seriously even consider blacklisting her name with Customs, so she can never leave (not that I’d actually have the first idea of how to do that), but I have friends in high places, that could surely help me???

Like most English, Nicola lives in Bondi but travels over to the north side 5 days a week, which clearly says something about why she chooses to work here.

Luxe is a little slice of luxury in The Chase on the ground level. As I sit hear having my ash colour put into my hair there are at least 10-12 other men and women around me being pampered in the luxury environment that is Luxe. I kind of feel like I could be backstage at a fashion show getting my hair done with the hype, energy and atmosphere…great for getting the creative juices flowing.

lux chatswood

So a bit about Luxe – it has been here since 2009 and owned and run by a lovely man Reuben.

Reuben has hand picked his international team of stylists that all cut and colour – and do it incredibly well. They are an eclectic mix, with some from the UK, Germany, Persia, but one thing they all have in common is talent and passion.

Every time I visit Luxe, the experience is always about me, Nicola listens to how the colour has been, where I’d like to go with it now and most importantly seriously for the first time in years, I have had the most ridiculous amounts of amazing comments on my colour…and at least 5 people in the last month ask who does my hair!!

So, if you think it’s time to break up with your hairdresser or just want to have a little fling and see if the grass really is greener, I would highly recommend heading here and letting the team spoil you and have you feeling pretty bloody (can I say that here?) fantastic!!! You can find them at or call them on Call Us: 02 9412 1244.

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  • Matilda Burt 11:36AM on November 19, 2012

    I've been going to Imagine/Luxe ever since I move to Sydney close to 11 years ago and they never cease to disappoint. Not only great service and an amazing new look afterwards but the staff there are fun and I always love having a good laugh with them.