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Rockstar treatment! NSW Drs Orchestra Concert at The Concourse, Chatswood - Andrew Kennedy



The glow really hasn't faded from the NSW Doctors' Orchestra performance at The Concourse on 25 May. We have played in some unique, notable, and delightful venues, so I was surprised by the Concert Hall on The Concourse - stunned by the quality, the size, and the charisma of this new resource for the North Shore.

We had moved the concert from the city for our 10th anniversary to fit a bigger crowd, and we realised it could be a massive boon for audience in other ways. The parking at Chatswood is so much easier, cheaper, and more plentiful, and the dining options pre or post-concert are closer and more diverse than for the Conservatorium of Music on Macquarie Street. This was also great for medico-musos who desperately need coffee during breaks! It was luxurious to sit in the sun by the lawn and the water feature above the library.

As a performer I was pleased and impressed with the acoustics, the decor, the access, the lighting, and design, so many things about the Concert Hall! The backstage area was also pretty comfortable for our whole symphony orchestra and all our cumbersome music cases and uniforms. I can really see this being a favourite venue for patrons and for artists and taking away some of the traditional business of the CBD.

The end result was a marvellous 750-person crowd to enjoy the world premiere overture and the classic orchestral favourites, so in the next short time I hope to tell you all about the record charity donation we will make to the Schizophrenia Fellowship from the proceeds.

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