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Star Capital Seafood Restaurant - Sarah Shimmy



At the end of July I found myself casually strolling through Chatswood.

To my delight I came across a brand spanking new Cantonese restaurant called Star Capital Seafood Restaurant.  Growing up in Chatswood, I am very well aware that this suburb is extremely reputable for great Asian cuisine. 
Having this knowledge under my belt, I was awfully eager to get amongst the round tables and the chandeliers and enjoy some authentic Cantonese cuisine.

Unfortunately, I attempted booking in all week and they were ‘fully booked’, it seems I am not the only one overly-excited for a good feed.

Eventually I successfully made a booking for a Sunday night, though they were fully booked I was able to score a spot at 8:30pm.
At 8:30pm the restaurant was still booming with folks everywhere.

I entirely enjoy this concept - from the glimmering chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, the waiters all suited up, the fine chinaware and of course the live seafood out front!

(Don't mind my hands in the reflection)


Our waiter was very attentive, conversant and really just wanted to talk. He was so intrigued that my group and I (us ‘Aussies’) were so knowledgeable with the Chinese culture.

The menu style was very helpful with mouthwatering pictures on display.





I always enjoy starting the night off with fresh and crisp San Choy Bow, served silver service of course.


Succulent ginger and shallot crab cooked to perfection.




Squid was okay, a little inconsistent with some parts rubbery other parts soft.

Barbecue pork jam-packed full of flavour.


I had a splendid night filled with authentic Cantonese food, fresh seafood, our friendly waiter, black tie surroundings and of course - great company.
*Hint* always check your bill as we had ordered rice for the table, which never arrived. They still attempted, by mistake (hopefully) to charge us $4.50 per person for the rice!
Star Capital Seafood Restaurant 
399 Victoria Avenue 
Chatswood NSW 2067 Tel: 02 9412 3888
Open daily from 10am-11pm

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