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Vivid Sydney at Chatswood - Run on GreenPower



The Chatswood precinct will be transformed with LED lights, fibre optic tentacles and light sculptures. Tidal flows, aquariums and electric eels will be projected across the built environment, immersing you in the underwater world. 

Even more exciting is that this amazing festival of lights will be run completely on GreenPower!

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood - Jellyfish Blog

Perched above Chatswood’s CBD, at the Albert Avenue car park, is Willoughby City Council’s solar farm. The solar farm extends over 200 meters and incorporates 680 photovoltaic panels, saving more than 250 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood -  Greenpower

To help bolster the renewable energy already produced by Council, 13.73 MWh of power has been offset for Vivid Sydney at Chatswood. Council has chosen NSW wind power, keeping 14.55 tonnes of emissions out of the atmosphere.

Help tip the scales, find out how you can run your home on GreenPower too.

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