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Vivid Sydney at Chatswood - What lies beneath Chatswood Mall?



Vivid Sydney at Chatswood will transport you into an aquatic wonderland! This immersive experience will have you traveling through pristine rivers of light, diving deep into oceans and meeting bright and quirky aquatic creatures!

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood - Flowing River of Light

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood celebrates the beauty of our precious marine and coastal environments. This makes it a perfect opportunity to shine some light on the serious issue of water pollution. 

Committed to reducing the urban impact on our bushland and waterways, Willoughby City Council continues to work on initiatives to reduce harmful runoff. Chatswood Mall is a great example of how Council is incorporating water sensitive urban design measures.

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood - Whats Beneath

Did you know that Chatswood Mall diverts NINE MILLION LITRES of rainwater from its hard surfaces into specialised gardens? 

These gardens comprise of plants that have been carefully chosen to trap litter, pollutants and soak up water. Excess ground water is then filtered underground through special layers of gravel and sand to remove fine pollutants from the water. Once the run off has been treated and cleansed, it then flows into the stormwater system, waterways and beautiful harbour!

You can help keep our waterways clean with these simple actions. While you’re mesmerised by the aquatic scenes projected across the Chatswood CBD, don’t forget about the amazing things that happen below your feet, every single day!

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