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Vivid Sydney at Chatswood - Working Towards Zero Waste



A very special guest comes to Chatswood as part of Vivid Sydney, his story to be projected across the sails of The Concourse. The Nautilus and the Sea tells the tale of Norbert the Nautilus and his journey to find a new home. Living in a bleak watery world, filled with discarded refuse, Norbert is forced to create lacklustre homes from lost objects. 

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood -  The Nautilus and the Sea

Not only will Norbert's tale be a spectacular sight, it will also share a very important message about the impacts of human waste on our surrounding environments and the creatures that live within them. To help reduce this impact, Willoughby City Council is actively working towards zero waste! Council currently uses J.J. Richards to sends more than half of all household waste to Global Renewables Reduce, Recover and Recycle facility (UR-3R) and has extended their contracts to collect rubbish throughout the Vivid Festival! The UR-3R facility helps council to divert waste away from landfill, sorting recyclables, organic and inorganic materials that can be recovered and reused.

By working with the UR-3R facility, 63 per cent of the rubbish collected from red bins is diverted away from landfill. Processing waste in this way also helps to reduce greenhouse emission by 100,000 t CO2-E each year. That’s the equivalent of taking 23,000 cars off the road! Organic waste captured during processing is then used as compost for the agricultural and mine rehabilitation markets.

We hope you enjoy your Vivid Sydney experience even more knowing that Willoughby City Council is working hard to reduce our impact on the environment!

Think before you buy. Australians are the second highest producer of waste in the world. 

Remember, a little litter goes along way!

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