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ACCC warns small business as Yellow Pages directory scam strikes again



The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is warning small business operators to watch out for a business directory scam.

Reports have surged from small businesses who have received a fax claiming to be from ‘Yellow Page Australia’ and ‘Open Business Directory Ltd’. On first glance, the fax appears to be seeking confirmation of the contact details for their business. However on closer inspection, the fax is in fact an agreement to sign up to an online business directory service charged at $99 per month for a minimum two-year period.

SCAMwatch urges small business operators to be alert and follow these three key rules:

  1. If you receive a ‘Yellow Pages’ fax or email, bin it. Sensis will never approach you this way.
  2. If you get a threatening phone call, email or fax demanding payment – ignore it and report it.
  3. Spread the word. Ensure employees are aware of this scam and know how to protect your business.

For more information, click here.

This blog provides important information for small businesses and has been provided by Neil Davidson, Sydney Business.

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