Lights On

Join us when Lights of Vivid Sydney 2017 at Chatswood go on.

At Chatswood Interchange step into a three-dimensional lightshow as more than 9,000 spheres glow above in Voxelscape and a pumping, people powered steam engine is created with interactive projection in Gear Shift.

Travel through a glowing, glimmering canopy of light in Chatswood Mall to find Crossword, an Installation sending a crossfire of hidden messages mid-air and onto revellers.  

Octopoda creates an explosion of music and light above Hawker Lane, Chatswood Westfield.  Play the drums at the tentacles of this fantastical steampunk creature to see an explosion of light.

Light Bounce at Chatswood Chase Sydney encourages visitors to wander by day through a sparkling forest of refractive light.

The façade of The Concourse hosts Future City Smart City. People have taken to the air in whimsical dirigibles and an airborne, sustainable community emerges. On returning to earth, peer into the reflection pool to discover the submerged magic of Steampunk Waterworld.

Vivid Sydney in Chatswood is run by Willoughby City Council and supported by Precinct Contributors Chatswood Chase Sydney, Chatswood Interchange and Westfield Chatswood.

Email: events@willoughby.nsw,