11Eleven Project

Catch 11Eleven on the Urban Screen Sunday 11/11/12 from 4.30pm.

On 11/11/11 humanity recognised the occasion like never before.   

Using video cameras, microphones and mobile phones, footage from thousands of storytellers from 179 countries participated in capturing a day in the life of their world.

This unique story telling initiative has been collated into a feature-length documentary of human experiences, which wiill be revealed around the world on the 11/11/12.  

Representing a multitude of languages and cultures, with no religious or political agenda, the 11 Eleven Project aims to use the arts to cultivate a better world for all people, and offer a positive solution for promoting unity, understanding and compassion.

The Chatswood event will include a performance by the Chatswood Youth Centre dancers.  Screening commences at 5pm.

Project Director, Danielle Lauren provides an insight into the 11Eleven Project in a guest blog on Chats About.

Email: events@willoughby.nsw.gov.au