Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2018

Art and light, food and fashion come together to create Lightscape – an eclectic collection of outdoor interactive art installations - all for free! Brought to you by Willoughby City Council and supported by Precinct Contributors Chatswood Interchange, Chatswood Chase Sydney and Westfield Chatswood.

  • VIVID_300x292_6



    Artist: Bluebottle

    It all begins at Chatswood Interchange, where you will be transported to an alternate reality, through an interactive video experience.

    Walk under the giant screen that hangs 10 metres overhead, and see yourself mirrored above, transported to another time and place.

  • Magic Carpet


    Magic Carpet

    Artists: Geoff Cobham, Lachlan Turner & Link Assistive Technology

    Take a ride on a Magic Carpet and become part of an interactive image on the bridge next to The District on Level Three of the Interchange.

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    Light Market

    Artists: Bluebottle, Alejandro Rolandi & Victoria Harbutt.

    A food and light market inspired by the incredible and complex architecture of shanty towns, these market stalls are built from recycled materials and host the world’s finest food at your fingertips. 

  • VIVID_300x292_7


    I Have Feelings Too

    Artist: The University of Sydney

    Benches throughout Chatswood Mall will come to life – literally. You can have a chat with a chair! When sat on, a sensor will activate and the benches will tell you how they feel. Take a seat and a moment to listen to its feelings!

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    Liquid Lies

    Artist: The University of Sydney

    Managed by a crazy professor, Liquid Lies is an installation within the Light Market in Chatswood Mall.

    Take a spot at the lab desk in the hope of a delicious drink.  

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    The Octopoda Returns

    Artist: Amigo & Amigo

    Hanging out near the Westfield entrance in Chatswood Mall, the Octopoda invites audiences to become part of his tentacle percussion ensemble. 

    Featuring eight tentacle drums, each activates a unique display of colour and light animating the Octopoda’s musical mind. 

  • VIVID_300x292_2


    Life in 2050

    Artists: Bluebottle, Thom Buchanan & Hong Kong Artist, Elaine Chiu

    Watch an artist create a major work on a live feed – bigger than life! A creative and colourful piece will be made from scratch and projected onto the Anderson St side of The Concourse.

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    Future Scape

    Artist: Modelbox

    As the centrepiece of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, the sails of The Concourse performing arts centre will be the canvas for the son et lumier. 

  • Tech Shift Exponential


    Tech Shift Exponential

    By Better Business Partnership Willoughby City Council

    Friday 15 June, 1pm - 4pm

    Tech Shift Exponential is a fast-paced festival of ideas featuring six innovative thought leaders and entrepreneurs solving intractable sustainability challenges. 

  • VIVID_300x292_WOW.jpg


    World of WearableArt

    Artists: World of WearableArt & Bluebottle

    Visit Chatswood Chase Sydney by day to see the World of WearableArt (WOW) fashion exhibition. The renowned international design competition attracts hundreds of entries from all over the world. 

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