Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2018

Tech Shift Exponential

Tech Shift Exponential

By Better Business Partnership Willoughby City Council

Friday 15 June, 1pm - 4pm
The Concourse, 409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood

Tech Shift Exponential is a fast-paced festival of ideas featuring six innovative thought leaders and entrepreneurs solving intractable sustainability challenges.  Delivered across three themes, the event will be followed by networking drinks from 4- 5.30pm and the Better Business Awards from 5.30 - 7.30pm. Attend one or all of the events. 

The world is changing faster than it ever has before, as we face a difficult future if we continue to inhabit the planet in the way we are accustomed to. Change is inevitable and brings new opportunities forcing a rethink of current challenges and to seek solutions that are inherent in the problem. Exponential developments in one area creates opportunities for innovation in others.  Join MC Bernie Hobbs and hear from some young innovative pioneers finding solutions to these problems. The revolution has begun.

Energy Revolution

Our future is renewable! It is time to get serious and start thinking about cities, communities and businesses getting off the grid .

  • The City of Sydney Deputy Lord Mayor Jess Miller shares the inside story on how the city is tracking to its Renewable Energy Master Plan to have 100% of the city’s electricity, heating and cooling from renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and energy from waste, by 2030.
  • Ross Harding, founder of Finding Infinity, views a world powered by renewable energy as inevitable. Despite being an engineer, he believes that it is people, not technology that will bring about the change. In his spare time he puts on sustainable solar powered music and talk-festival Off the Grid in Melbourne and London and wants to bring it to Sydney.

Resource Revolution

With oceans under threat from plastic pollution and landfills overflowing, Australia must lift its game on managing its own waste.  How can we flip this problem on its head and turn rubbish into resource?

  • Tim Silverwood, CEO and co-founder of Take 3 for the Sea, shares what we can do individually as well as government and industry collaborations to take action this year to turn the tide.
  • Louise Hardman is a scientist and founder of Plastic Collective, which has developed a solution for coastal communities to clean up the ocean of plastic waste, as well as creating employment, income and hope for these remote outreaches.
  • David Sivyer has started a grass roots closed loop system with his Feedback Organic Recovery, collecting food waste from cafes turning it into compost which fertilises produce for sale back to the cafes.

Human Revolution

As humans develop technology, we are improving the lives of millions in ways beyond comprehension.

  • Sara Rickards is an energetic sustainability ninja who cares about our planet and has a multitude of ingenious solutions including Re:Purpose for Good which turns waste plastic and e-waste into robotic prosthetic limbs.

Join us for networking drinks with the speakers from 4 - 5.30 pm in the Upstairs Foyer, The Concourse.

Tickets to the Better Business Awards includes networking drinks. Tickets to Tech Shift Exponential only (and students/concession tickets) do not include drinks. Cash bar is available.

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