Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood returns with an exciting program of Light, Music and Ideas from 24 May - 15 June. World class talent and cutting edge technology come together to create an interactive and immersive light gallery, sensational sounds and innovative events celebrating love, peace and harmony. Lights on each evening 5.30pm - 10.30pm. Brought to you by Willoughby City Council and supported by Precinct Contributors Chatswood Chase Sydney, Chatswood Interchange and Westfield Chatswood.

Lights Music Ideas
  • Cascading Harp 300 x 292


    Cascading Harp

    Zara Pasfield, Pineapple Design Studio (Australia)

    Experience a grand Cascading Harp spanning three levels of Chatswood Interchange in a delicate interactive curtain of lights, colour and music celebrating peace and harmony.  Weave through the colourful ropes and touch the jangling bells to create your own joyful song.

  • Co existence 300 x 292




    The Concourse architecture is transformed using cutting edge 3D projection mapping art.  Inspired by Chatswood’s diverse culture and history, Hungarian artist collective Limelight explore the relationship between individuals and communities through visual connections with the building’s façade.

  • I Dance with You 300 x 292


    I Dance With You

    Tianli Zu (China)

    Behold the majesty of the powerful yet delicate wings of the mythical Qilin beast on Chatswood Mall bringing prosperity and peace. Intricate cut out art, interactive light and original music combine to provide a spiritual and immersive experience.

  • Trumpet flowers 300 x 292


    Trumpet Flowers

    Simone Chua (Lead artist), Adela Lines, Lili Bykerk, Mauricio Echeverry, Clayton Vittorino, Akiva Bassin (Australia)

    Experience a giant musical garden as 40 trumpet flowers tower over you. Play the massive trumpet keys and make your own spectacular floral sound and light show. Inspired by vintage gramophones Trumpet Flowers will rear to life as music plays throughout the interactive artwork. 

  • Woodie 300 x 292



    Marius Hoggenmueller (Germany), Luke Hespanhol (Brazil) & Martin Tomitsch (Austria)

    Woodie the free-moving, chalk-drawing robot Mills Lane as a large art canvas. Illuminated with UV lights, Woodie’s playground turns into a stunning visualisation made of glowing words and drawings.

  • Light Bazarre 300 x 292


    Light Bazaar

    Steven Manos, MXM Studios (Australia)

    Visit The Light Bazaar and discover the wonder of rapidly evolving computing, LED and interactive technologies in this tessellating kaleidoscope installation. Inspired by ancient Islamic architecture, textiles and music, the ancient mediums of light and symmetry transform into modern works of art at the corner of Chatswood Interchange and Railway Street.

  • Chattie's Wood 300 x 292


    Chattie’s Wood

    Juune & Gambarra Illume (Australia)

    Discover Chatswood’s evolution at this bold but mesmerising installation inspired Hollywood’s iconic sign. Be intrigued paintings of birds from Henry Lawson’s poem Chattie’s Wood, Indigenous artworks and images of Chatswood now and in the future.

  • Listen to the World


    Listen to the World

    Alexandr Milov (Ukraine)

    Towering at six metres tall, the heart shaped sculpture of the world appears to listen to music via giant headphones. Constructed via metal and polyester resin Listen to the World will illuminate at night using programmable RGB lights Viewers will have a transcendent experience as our planet seems small in comparison to our human fantasies as you Listen to the World and what it has to say.

  • Digital Odyssey 300 x 292


    Digital Odyssey

    Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Alice Peacock (Australia)

    Advances in communication technology have dissolved cultural and geographic divides, but have they dissolved genuine human connection?

  • Mirrors 300 x 292



    Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Jakub Zuscin (Slovakia)

    Mirrors is a work dedicated to the theme of discovery and transformation of light, colours and music through the ages. The story touches on the historical events of the past century.

  • Reverie 300 x 292



    Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Ky Duyen Nguyen (Vietnam)

    Reverie delves into the world of storytelling. From carving symbols into walls to sharing posts on social media, the way we communicate might have changed dramatically yet it is still able to connect and affect us on different levels.

  • Meditation 300 x 292



    Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Min Jeong Lee (Korea)

    Meditation is an artwork that visualises a peaceful world through music. By following one’s journey into the mind through music, a window opens into another world.

  • Spark 300 x 292



    Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Tim Jockel (Germany)

    It could happen while listening to music or when connecting with someone special. It’s a unique moment where everything comes together – a moment that can change everything.

  • Unfold 300 x 292



    Limelight Academy Masterclass - Willem Mertens (Belgium)

    Inspired by paradise birds and their colourful rituals of dance and transformation The Concourse reveals its many layers.

  • Ether Elm 300 x 292


    Ether Elm

    Artists: Josh Greenhalgh (AU), Albert Ma (AU), Caleb Charles (AU), Anz Elizabeth Easaw (IN) & Luke Hespanhol (BR/AU)

    Nature and technology become one. Talk to one of Chatswood’s aged elm trees to control strobes of light illuminating its mighty branches. Sing, shout, laugh, talk and whisper to produce engaging light sequences with each different pattern of tone.

  • Sounds of Infinity 300 x 292


    Sounds of Infinity

    Louis Chew (Singapore) &Luke Hespanhol (Brazil/Australia)

    A seemingly mundane mirror in the daytime, Sounds of the Infinity transforms at night into a repurposed retro-futuristic portal. The installation integrates sound sensors and LED lights within a large two-way mirror to make life-sized light tunnels revealing an entry way to another universe. 

  • A Vision 300 x 292


    A Vision: Peace, Love and Music

    Yuxin Huang & Wenting Xie (China), DeVanté RaChaun Carpenter (USA) & Luke Hespanhol (Brazil/Australia)

    Reflect on the iconic values of the original Woodstock Festival - peace, love and music. Join an ever present “eye” as looks at the values in the context of the past, present and future. Ask yourself… What is it that you see? What is your vision?

  • Light Hearted 300 x 292


    Light Hearted

    Kathryn Bevz & Martin Bevz (Australia)

    Don’t just view installations at Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, become a part of one with Light Hearted located at The Concourse. Underpinned by childhood memories and themes of peace and love, an infrared camera captures your movement as the underlying LED technology projects dynamic colours in this infinitely changing and vibrant installation.

  • WCC website Future Abstract 300 x 292


    Future Abstract

    Discover the exciting impact that technology has had on the genre of abstract art in Future Abstract at Art Space on The Concourse. 

  • WCC website Chatswood Chase 300 x 292


    Vivid Ideas at Chatswood Chase

    Join the free Vivid Ideas at Chatswood Chase talk series every day from 11am to hear the debate on the biggest questions facing humanity today.

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