Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

A Vision 600 x 400

A Vision: Peace, Love and Music

Yuxin Huang & Wenting Xie (China), DeVanté RaChaun Carpenter (USA) & Luke Hespanhol (Brazil/Australia)

Collaborator: Design Lab, The University of Sydney (Australia)

2019 marks fifty years since the original Woodstock festival. Vivid Sydney is a perfect time to reflect on its harmonious values with the eye catching sculptural installation A Vision: Peace, Love and Music.

This colourful artwork by a multicultural collective of designers and artists from Sydney University presents large animated LED icons in neon light that represent peace, love and music. Each features an ever present ‘eye’, inviting you muse on these values from the past to the present and into the future.

In Peace, the pupil of the eye is represented by a giant peace sign. Over the years, Woodstock has brought thousands of people together. This radiant symbol acknowledges the struggles and successes in the fight for equality and civil rights and looks toward a future where peace is attainable and enduring.

Love depicts a simple heart with an eye crying. The eye cries for both happiness and sorrow. The tears of joy represent how far we have come in our ability to love. Tears of sadness remind us of the obstacles between our communities that we still need to overcome before we can fully embrace equality and express love for all.

Music is an important form of freedom of expression and a way we can pass stories of

beauty and enlightenment through generations. The eye is presented with Woodstock’s original festival logo of a bird on a guitar. As the bird prepares to fly, you are invited to contemplate our human journey and the legacies that we each leave to our successors.

Together these three thought-provoking signs ask you seemingly simple questions… ‘What is it you see? What is your vision?’


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