Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

B&B for Bees 600 x 400

BandB highway - future proofing biodiversity

Vivid Ideas at Chatswood Chase - Green Future

Sunday 9 June 2019, 11am
Chatswood Chase

Presented by: Judy Friedlander

Hotels for bees? How pads for pollinators is protecting biodiversity.

Birds and bees will have their very own air b and bs as an airborne highway with rest stops for pollinating animals are created across Sydney to help food security and biodiversity.

Join Judy Friedlander, academic, journalist and the founder of FoodFaith: Planting Seeds, as she lifts the lid on the new BandB Highway initiative. 

'B and B' stands for 'Bed and Breakfasts for Birds, Bees and Biodiversity' and responds to the alarming decline of insects and other pollinators due to our environment becoming more urbanised. The airborne pollinator highway helps through strategic garden beds with a special selection of pollinating flowers, native stingless beehives and insect hotels.

Discover how the gardens, which vary in size, are made up of a number of different types of plants, flowers and beehives and specially designed by horticulturalists and beekeepers to attract the right bees, butterflies and birds.

Find out simple practical ways in which to help combat climate change in your own gardens from Willoughby City Council Bush Care team.

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