Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Behind the Lights 600 x 400

Behind the Lights

Video documentary and Exhibition

Chatswood Library
24 May - 15 June
Monday - Thursday: 6pm - 9pm
Sundays: 2.30pm - 5pm

Go behind the scenes to discover the making of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood in this revealing and stimulating video documentary (30 minutes) and exhibition at Chatswood Library.

See footage of the artistic process of designing and producing a light installation - from the initial drawings, to creating prototypes and how the final artworks are made.

Hear firsthand from the artists about what inspired them and how they came up with the concepts and designs and what didn’t make the cut. You’ll also discover the challenges they encountered and how they overcame them.

Come face to face with original drawings, models and samples of the artworks including a mini version of the gigantic heart shaped world with headphones Listen to the World, prototypes of Trumpet Flowers, the Cascading Harp and the Qilin wings from I Dance With You .

This is a must visit for budding artists and designers, to get a behind the scene glimpse into what goes into making an artwork for Vivid Sydney.

The exhibition is in the library foyer and the 30 minute documentary plays continuously in the library’s brand new Creator Space - just pop in grab a bean bag and get inspired!

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