Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Cascading Harp 600 x 400

Cascading Harp

Zara Pasfield, Pineapple Design Studio (Australia)

Start your Vivid Sydney journey by creating positive vibes at the giant Cascading Harp at Chatswood Interchange.  Experience a grand yet delicate curtain of light, colour and music where eastern culture meets western technology in a celebration of peace, love and harmony.

Cascading down the side of the escalators at the western entrance to the Interchange you’ll be spellbound as you take in this huge installation emitting mesmerising light and melody by emerging Australian artist Zara Pasfield.

Likened to a colossal wind chime, the installation features soft cotton lengths of rope hand dyed in pastel colours inspired by Tibetan prayer flags. Clusters of traditional bells, LED lights and music chime in time to the movement of the ropes.

Reminiscent of Tibetan song bowls used for peaceful meditation, each colourful rope features a hollow metallic sphere fastened to its end. The spheres of song carry a message of harmony, peace and love through the air with their sound, emulating the idea that prayers and good wishes are carried by the wind from Tibetan prayer flags strung in high places.

Come closer and immerse yourself in this stunning installation. Create your own joyful songs sending positivity and hope. Weave in and out of the ropes, run your fingers along the jangling bells among beautiful lights and soothing music.

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