Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Chattie's Wood 600 x 400

Chattie’s Wood

Juune & Gambarra Illume (Australia)

LA has the iconic Hollywood sign. Now, Chatswood has the dynamic Chattie’s Wood sign to mark your arrival at Vivid Sydney at Chatswood. Whether you’re coming by train or bus, you can’t miss this artwork as you venture from the Interchange to the Chatswood Mall.

During the day, the larger than life sign stands proud in bold white like its Hollywood cousin. At night, it comes to life with an enthralling projection sharing the stories of Chatswood’s history, revealing how a peaceful wooded area became a contemporary multicultural bustling centre.

A Chatswood claim to fame, Henry Lawson’s poem Chattie’s Wood tells the story of the farmer who lived in this wooded area and named it after his wife, Charlotte, affectionately known as Chattie. In time, it evolved to be Chatswood.

Illustrating the history and evolution of Chatswood, the projection animation combines works from indigenous artist Gambirra Illume, the birds Chattie painted on her adventures, 3D rendering of images of Chatswood today and visualisations of how it will look in the future.

Third generation Australian-Chinese emerging projection artist and animator Juune draws influence from punk art, immigrant culture and religious symbols to create surreal dreamscapes of her multicultural view of Australia.

This powerful animation will intrigue and enchant as you try to identify each element. The perfect way to ponder the Chatswood of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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