Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Digital bridges 600 x 400

Digital Bridges: the University as Living Lab for Creative Cities

Vivid Ideas at Chatswood Chase - Design @ Day - University of Sydney Design Lab

Wednesday 5 June 2019, 11am
Chatswood Chase

Presented by: Dr Luke Hespanhol, Lecturer in the Design Lab, Curator of the Footbridge Gallery, The University of Sydney

Discover how digital placemaking is transforming our cities.

Urban media art is emerging as an innovative strategy for collaborative city making in the 21st century. From the use of traditional screens and projections, to the creative extension of ordinary public infrastructure such as walls, benches, trees or light poles, they can create unexpected encounters and engage communities in creative storytelling. As a result, they can redefine, revitalise and encourage the nurture of thriving public spaces shared by all – a global movement referred to as ‘digital placemaking’.

Join, Dr Luke Hespanhol, media artist and lecturer in Interaction Design at the University of Sydney, as he discusses his practice at the University of Sydney, collaborations with local governments, and how universities can become “living labs” boosting the design of urban media for creative cities.

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