Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Light Bazarre 600 x 400

Light Bazaar

Steven Manos, MXM Studios (Australia)

Collaborators: Benjamin Coppel (USA), Joel Wells (Australia), David Fedyk (USA), Leroy Clunne-Kiely (Australia), Helen Evans (United Kingdom) & Ali Mohammad Shams Ahmadi (Iran)

Visit The Light Bazaar and discover the wonder of this tessellating kaleidoscope that showcases rapidly evolving computing, LED and interactive technologies. Inspired by Islamic architecture, textiles and music, the ancient play of light and symmetry transform into a thoroughly modern work of art at the corner of Chatswood Interchange and Railway Street.

Traditional artisans used materials such as mineral pigments, clay, glass and gems. Today, emerging innovations in software and hardware enable the extension of these ideas into algorithmic art that creates mesmerising dynamic forms. The artwork uses contemporary materials and techniques to invite participants to engage with patterns just as the tiled façades of mosques and other Islamic buildings have amazed generations for centuries.

In homage to the interactive and repetitive forms of nature, simple patterns repeat and intertwine to create beautiful new shapes. Marvel at how these striking, interactive forms are created and let the feelings of awe and contemplation impart a sense of peace.

The Light Bazaar uses innovative light technology developed by a Melbourne-based creative collective over two years. The state of the art technology harnesses mathematical rules and algorithms to generate mesmerising moving light patterns in this celebration of light and ideas.

Lead artist Dr Steven Manos has dedicated his life to working across both art and science. The work is created using computer aided design, vacuum forming, laser cutting and CNC milling. These hexagonal custom light panels combine Dr Manos’ background in physics, software engineering, design and fabrication practice.

Inspired by the diverse, multicultural and actively inclusive community in Chatswood, The Light Bazaar promotes inclusivity, peace and harmony through cutting edge technology.

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