Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Light Hearted 600 x 400

Light Hearted

Kathryn Bevz & Martin Bevz (Australia)

Collaborators: Design Lab & The University of Sydney (Australia)

You can simply view the installations at Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, or you can become part of one with Light Hearted located at The Concourse.

Underpinned by childhood memories and themes of peace and love, an infrared camera captures your movements as the underlying LED technology projects dynamic colours in this infinitely changing and vibrant installation.

Even a simple movement or gesture has an obvious cause and effect relationship on this ever evolving technicolour artwork. Experience feelings of joy and delight as you appear in a full colour spectrum and play together with fellow festival goers.

Formed by a circular array of fibre optic cables and mirrored elements, the electric and pastel colour arrangements evoke a sense of order and chaos. Challenge your perception of self, and watch how your actions impact on the greater society.

Australian collaborative team Kathryn and Martin Bevz combine their backgrounds in teaching, architectural science and illumination design to create installations that focus on simplicity and engage viewers beyond the visual to interact on a physical and mental level.

On leaving, the installation will encourage you to remain ‘light hearted’ in the ebb and flow of today’s busy modern world. Remember the power and beauty that evolves as people work together as one.

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