Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Listen to the World 600 x 400

Listen to the World

Alexandr Milov (Ukraine)

Visit Listen to the World at the top of Chatswood Mall to explore themes of global peace and human connection through music.

Towering over viewers at six metres tall, the heart shaped sculpture of the world appears to listen to music through giant headphones. Influenced by the 50th anniversary of the original three-day festival of peace and music – Woodstock – the artwork references the idealistic hopes of the 1960s and focuses on social harmony centred around music. Juxtaposed with the modern setting of Chatswood CBD and state of the art lighting, these ‘flower power’ concepts have been reimagined in today’s technologically driven world.

International artist Alexandr Milov is inspired by regular stories of regular people – their routines, feelings, hopes and dreams. Through his art, Alexandr hopes to bring an awareness of the beauty and transience of human life against the background of the eternal rebirth of nature.

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