Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Meditation 600 x 400


Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Min Jeong Lee (Korea)

Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Min Jeong Lee (Korea)

Music: Jac Frier (Arashiyama)

‘Our bodies stay in one place, music leads our mind into other worlds.’

Meditation is an artwork that visualises a peaceful world through music. By following one’s journey into the mind through music, a window opens into another world.

Visual landscapes in nature encourage feelings of calm and peacefulness.

In this super-scale projection, an illuminated meditation progresses in which the landscape transforms to abstract visuals and the mind is drawn deeper into the rhythm and melodies of music. 

The artist takes her audience on a journey through real and imaginary landscapes on The Concourse building to share experiences of an ethereal peaceful world.

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