Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Mirrors 600 x 400


Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Jakub Zuscin (Slovakia)

Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Jakub Zuscin (Slovakia)

Mirrors is a work dedicated to the theme of discovery and transformation of light, colours and music through the ages. The story touches on the historical events of the past century.

Artist Jakub Zuscin explores the connection between classical music and modern visuals believing that these two art forms can be combined to form an audio-visual experience that is peaceful and balanced.

To bring these worlds to life, Jakub was inspired by the famous painting by Diego Velazquez Las Meninas. This painting represents a superb example in which the artist captures the essence of connection between artwork and audience.

The Concourse building plays the main character in the story with a special emphasis on its relationship with Chatswood’s environment and the world.

The work is a technical experiment focused on the concept of time travel and awareness of the building within its surroundings and the connection of past, present and future.

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