Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

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Protecting Australia's heritage for our future

Vivid Ideas at Chatswood Chase - Green Future

Wednesday 29 May, 11am
Chatswood Chase

Presented by: Karen Smith, Education Officer, Aboriginal Heritage Office

Our country’s Aboriginal heritage sites are now in the hands of all Australians.  Aboriginal people represent the oldest culture in the world, the first custodians of Australia and form the fabric of our unique identity as a nation.

Education has always been valued by the Aboriginal Heritage Office (AHO) as it is important for the protection of heritage sites.  It develops and implements community education activities and events to increase the collective knowledge of Aboriginal cultural heritage.  By increasing the community’s knowledge of Aboriginal cultural heritage, the AHO believe Aboriginal heritage will be more highly valued and the community will take a more active role in site protection and preservation.

Join Karen Smith, AHO’s Education Officer since 2011 as she shares her knowledge and experience of the local area and Aboriginal history and culture. Karen is from the Buruberongal clan of the Hawkesbury (Derrubin) area. Her family has been living in the Manly area for many years. She was awarded Rotary’s Paul Harris Fellowship for her work and commitment in the protection and education of Aboriginal culture and heritage.

The AHO develops and implements community education programs and events aimed at increasing the collective knowledge of Aboriginal cultural heritage. Community and schools visits and presentations, walks and tours are part of the AHO’s free Education Program.

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