Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Reverie 600 x 400


Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Ky Duyen Nguyen (Vietnam)

Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Ky Duyen Nguyen (Vietnam)

Reverie delves into the world of storytelling. From carving symbols into walls to sharing posts on social media, the way we communicate might have changed dramatically yet it is still able to connect and affect us on different levels. This 3D mapped projection examines and deconstructs the different methods humans have used to interact with one another throughout history.

With technological advances, we have new and exciting ways to connect and also participate in other people’s stories, giving us different perspectives that can enhance our understanding and empathy.

The work juxtaposes the architectural forms of The Concourse building’s with the structures of storytelling. Explore the evolution of communication, its possibilities and future.

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