Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Sounds of Infinity 600 x 400

Sounds of Infinity

Louis Chew (Singapore) &Luke Hespanhol (Brazil/Australia)

Collaborator: Design Lab, The University of Sydney (Australia)

A seemingly mundane mirror in the daytime, Sounds of Infinity transforms at night into a repurposed retro-futuristic portal to other worlds. Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s work on black holes, Sounds of Infinity reimagines black holes as visual portals to new worlds of altered light.

Located at Mills Lane, the installation integrates sound sensors and LED lights in a large two-way mirror to generate life-sized light tunnels to another universe. By placing a mundane object into a public laneway, the work becomes a portal between science fiction and urban fantasy.

In this artistic extension of reality, visitors are invited to peak behind the silver membrane of the mirror into the unknown. Watch as your voice is digitised and transforms into a series of ever-changing patterns in this interactive installation.

Free your inner child as you enjoy a fun and playful experience, learning how sound might just be the key activator to visualising and connecting new worlds.


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