Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Trumpet flowers 600 x 400

Trumpet Flowers

Simone Chua (Lead artist), Adela Lines, Lili Bykerk, Mauricio Echeverry, Clayton Vittorino, Akiva Bassin (Australia)

Collaborator: Amigo and Amigo & Otis Studio (Australia)

“…I must be growing small again…” – Alice in Wonderland 

You’ll feel as if you’ve shrunk as you approach the super-sized trumpet flower garden at Chatswood Mall. Experience a giant’s musical garden as 30 trumpet flowers from two to five metres tall, tower over you. Play the massive trumpet keys at the centre of the floral forest and make your own spectacular sound and light show in the centre of the Chatswood’s CBD.

Inspired by vintage gramophones, Trumpet Flowers rear to life as you play music through the interactive artwork. Make your own tunes or catch one of the scheduled animated musicals scores throughout the evening.

Feel the good vibes of flower power, peace and love spread throughout Chatswood as the flowers respond to your music in a beautiful rainbow of technicolour lights.

Artist Simone Chua is the director of Sydney based design studio Amigo and Amigo with an extensive background in sculpture and industrial design. Passionate about lighting and experimental forms Simone’s artworks focus on being playful, engaging and inclusive.  

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