Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Unfold 600 x 400


Limelight Academy Masterclass - Willem Mertens (Belgium)

Artist: Limelight Academy Masterclass - Tim Jockel (Germany)


  • Dance: Liselot Van Der Roost (Belgium)
  • Music: Elastica (Belgium)

Inspired by paradise birds and their colourful rituals of dance and transformation The Concourse reveals its many layers.

As a concert hall, library, cultural centre and much more, The Concourse has the ability to inspire, lift up and transform. Its architecture aspires to connect the inside of the building with the outside. Unfold gives shape to this desire by telling a story of growth, transformation and attraction expressed through dance and animation.  The angles of The Concourse façade create a wrap-around immersive experience for the audience, leaving a strong impression of being enveloped by the building.

The desire and beauty hidden behind The Concourse’s facade reaches out and unfolds itself showing all it has to offer for the audience to discover and connect with.

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