Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2019

Urban prototyping 600 x 400

Urban Prototyping and Friendly Robots: the Making of Woodie

Vivid Ideas at Chatswood Chase - Design @ Day - University of Sydney Design Lab

Friday 31 May 2019, 11am 
Chatswood Chase

Presented by: Marius Hoggenmueller, PhD candidate at the Design Lab, The University of Sydney

Autonomous systems will be soon entering the urban space - from delivery robots, law enforcement agents and autonomous vehicles. While the driver-less car is a familiar concept thanks to the media, there is not been much research into how robots can be designed to create engaging and playful interventions in the city, bringing joy and happiness to residents.

In this talk, Marius Hoggenmueller, creative coder, interaction designer and researcher, reveals the secrets of designing the installation “Woodie”, a free-moving robot that draws with chalk on the ground, part of this year’s Vivid Sydney at Chatswood. Making a link to urban prototyping initiatives, the talk will discuss how urban robots can contribute to new forms of media architectural interventions and digital placemaking. 

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