Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 2020

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood returns with a multi-sensory program of light, music and culinary delights from 22 May to 13 June. Featuring a lineup of local and international artists, the precinct will come alive with large-scale light installations and projections celebrating humanity and the natural world. Lights on each evening 5.30pm - 10.30pm. Brought to you by Willoughby City Council and supported by Precinct Contributors Chatswood Chase Sydney, Chatswood Interchange and Westfield Chatswood.

  • 300 x 292 Absorbed by Light


    Absorbed by Light

    Gali May Lucas, Light Art Collection

    Become part of the art at Absorbed by Light at Chatswood Mall. This installation encourages you to reflect on themes of technology and connectivity.

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  • 300 x 292 Marzoopials



    Zara Pasfield

    Start and finish your Vivid Sydney at Chatswood with Marzoopials - a charming collection of native animals.

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  • 300 x 292 Birds Fly Around With Yout


    Birds Fly Around With You

    Masamichi Shimada, Light Art Collection

    Step inside the interactive Birds Fly Around With You and experience a circular flock of twenty-four illuminated birds in flight.  

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  • 300 x 292 Head of the Dragon Banquet


    Head of the Dragon Banquet

    Adam Liaw

    The Past, Present & Future of Chinese-Australian Cuisine with Adam Liaw

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  • 300 x 292 Lior


    Lior: Leaving the Western Shadows

    Willoughby Symphony

    Willoughby Symphony is delighted to be teaming up with treasured Australian singer-songwriter Lior for a special concert under the baton of celebrated Sydney conductor and composer Nigel Westlake.

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  • 300x292_0005_Dorian


    The Space In Between Humans

    Dorian Rigal Minuit, Limelight Academy

    The Space in between Humans, projected onto The Concourse in the centre of Chatswood, is ideally located to question the relationship between the body and contemporary architecture. 

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  • 300x292_0000_Wendy



    Wendy Qi Zhang, Limelight Academy

    Bloom explores how our surroundings can stir sensations and emotions. Projected onto The Concourse, Bloom explores the movement and blossoming within the urban landscape. 

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  • 300 x 292 My Light is Your Light


    My Light Is Your Light

    Alaa Minawi, Light Art Collection

    Venture into Mills Lane to discover the poignant My Light Is Your Light. Six human scale figures, created in outlines from neon lights, represent a refugee family - a father, a mother, a grandfather, an aunt and two children.

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  • CACTUS 300x292


    Cactus Garden

    Amigo & Amigo

    Immerse yourself in the joy of the Cactus Garden, a character-filled giant inflatable cactus forest on the upper garden of The Concourse. 

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  • 300x292_0003_George



    George Berlin, Limelight Academy

    Home, projected onto sails of The Concourse, is a delightful dance through the whirling world of falling in love.

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    Prosperity House

    Amigo & Amigo

    Step inside Prosperity House on Chatswood Mall and feel the sense of community within. Prosperity House is an embracing, sculptural and animated house which invites the ‘outsider’ in and surrounds them in light.

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  • RICKSHAW_330X292



    Amigo & Amigo

    Jump inside a magical illuminated Rickshaw at The Concourse and imagine being transported to the chaotic bustling streets of Asia past, present, and future.

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  • 300x292_0002_Rose


    Transformation As Narrative

    Rose Staff, Limelight Academy

    Transformation as Narrative morphs the surface of The Concourse into a spatial installation of light and sound. It explores the topics of metamorphosis and transformation through abstract geometry. 

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  • 300x292_0001_Svitlana



    Svitlana Reinish

    Bringing the aesthetics of traditional arts to a digital world of 3D mapping, Voices immerses you into a tricky and fascinating world.

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  • 300x292_0004_Freddie



    Freddie Jiang, Limelight Academy

    Created by artist, Freddie Jiang, Nature explores the nature of projection mapping by using colourful particles, illuminated objects and large organic geometry to showcase the facade of The Concourse. 

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  • 300X292 Hearing From You


    Hearing From You

    Luke Hespanhol & Yuxin Huang

    Discover Chatswood laneway, Mills Lane, to find heartwarming messages in Hearing From You.

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  • 300 x 292 Teleport



    Abhiruchi Chhikara

    Step inside Tele-Port, a magical phone booth at The Concourse, to take an imaginary journey to your dream vacation. 

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  • 300 x 292 Water Bear


    Water Bear


    Get up close and personal with one of the oldest life forms on the earth – the Water Bear – standing larger than life at The Concourse in Chatswood. 

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  • 300 x 292 Hidden Garden


    Hidden Garden

    Koros Design

    Hidden Garden reflects the stunning variety of plants that surround us and highlights the importance of combining the man-made and natural world. 

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  • 300 x 292 Human in the Wire


    Human in the Wire

    Australian based artists

    Human in the Wire explores the notion of how ‘the human’ is embedded or contained within technology. 

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  • 300 x 292 Head of the Dragon Banquet


    Chatswood culinary ambassador

    Adam Liaw

    Read about Adam Liaw; a writer, cook, television presenter and former lawyer.

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  • Dumplings_Play


    Five Best Dumplings in Chatswood

    Adam Liaw’s Video

    Take yourself on Adam Liaw’s self-guided dumpling tour

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  • Dumplings_Play


    Five Best Noodles in Chatswood

    Adam Liaw’s Video

    Take yourself on Adam Liaw’s self-guided noodle tour through Chatswood.

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