Time Out Sydney - The Four Tastes of Chatswood

When referring to sentiments and emotions of life, we often resemble them with tastes; sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy. As much as we anticipate (or avoid) these life emotions, we could also savour these ‘tastes’ through the amazing foods that Chatswood has to offer.


Spicy Joint Chatswood

75A & 76A, Podium Level, Chatswood Interchange, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood

Spicy-Joint-4.jpeg   Spicy-Joint-3.jpeg

When it comes to cuisines of sourness, no place does it better than Spicy Joint Chatswood. One of the highlights in Chatswood Interchange, Spicy Joint Chatswood offers authentic Sichuan cuisine in a polished glowing setting with bright and vivid décor.

Start your meal with delicious cold appetizers such as Jellyfish with Vinegar and Pepper, Fried peanuts pickled in Vinegar, or Black fungus with sour sauce. The must-tries include Fish fillet with sour pickled cabbage soup and Dry braised beef tendon that just melts in your mouth. If you seek a more adventurous taste sensation, you cannot pass Beef slices with hot and sour stock. Braised shredded cabbage is a highly recommended dish among diners. The cabbage is cooked to perfection maintaining its crunchiness and sauteed with lard to bring out the full flavour of the fresh cabbage. As for drinks, Sour plum juice is a refreshing option to accompany this ‘sour’ dining experience.


China Chilli Chatswood

Shop T69 Podium Level Chatswood Interchange, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood

China-Chilli-3.jpeg   China-Chilli-2.jpeg

If you are looking for a flavourful lip-burning dining experience, you cannot go past China Chilli Chatswood. With its vivid and elegant adornments, with bright red colour accentuating the festivities of the Chinese dining experience, China Chilli Chatswood provides a luxuriate space to enjoy the fiery Sichuan cuisines.

China Chilli Chatswood is well known for its adventurous, pungent, and spicy flavours. The must-try signature dishes include Sliced beef tripes and ox tongue in chilli sauce, Fragrant steamed chicken with chilli sauce, and Lamb ribs with spicy sauce coated with the unique aromatic Sichuan chilli and pepper. For those who enjoy a flaming hot taste of chilli and Chinese food, China Chilli Chatswood is one not to be missed. 


Gondola Gelateria Chatswood

2/77 Archer St, Chatswood


Gelato (or ice cream) lovers, rejoice! Gelateria Gondola Chatswood is a must-visit if you are looking for a sweet Italian gelato experience. This local pride has won multiple awards and offers premium varieties of gelato flavours. The colourful décor and Italian names of the gelatos emphasise the authenticity of the Italian ambience, making you feel like you are in Italy!

The thing that sets Gondola Gelateria Chatswood apart from other gelato shops is their special flavours that are rare elsewhere, such as lychee lampone (lychee raspberry, mela verde (green apple), coconut pandan, and Thai tea. The yogurt ciliegia (cherry yogurt) gelato is also a must-try, with its tangy sourness of cherry balanced with the sweet milky fragrance. If you are looking for something more than gelato, Gondola Gelateria Chatswood also offers cookies, crepes, cannoli, and even beautiful gelato cakes for your special occasion.


Nana's Green Tea

P1/436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood


Bitterness is an essential part of life that should not be compromised by the fear of facing obstacles to reach goals. And matcha is the perfect drink that provokes the bitter taste from its essence followed by an aromatic sweet aftertaste.

Nana’s Green Tea is the new kid on the block of the Chatswood Interchange dining district. Nana’s Green Tea only harvests the finest quality green tea leaves to create matcha, hojicha (roasted green tea), and genmaicha (green tea with roasted rice) beverages which are then brewed to create layers of tender bitterness and fragrant aftertaste. From chilling frappe to delicate hot tea, Nana’s Green Tea also offers delicious Japanese-style cakes (Yuzu/Matcha cheesecake, black sesame/hojicha roll cakes), and an abundant selection of parfaits with toppings such as red bean paste, mochi, and warabimochi (jelly-texture mochis).

Green tea is known for its high antioxidant values making it indulgence without guilt. Nana’s Green Tea is a must-visit for anyone looking for an exceptional Japanese matcha experience.