Chatswood CBD bicycle end-of-trip facility


A bicycle end-of-trip facility (Facility) is located in Council’s public car park at 75 - 79 Albert Avenue, Chatswood.

People who ride a bicycle to Chatswood Central Business District (CBD) can use an undercover secure designated bicycle only Facility to visit shopping, recreation, education and employment destinations in the CBD. It is a short walk to Chatswood Transport Interchange for those wanting to use bus and train services.

The Facility provides bicycle riders an opportunity to secure their bicycles, use amenities, lockers and undertake minor maintenance and repairs to their bicycle.

The Facility is free of charge.

Willoughby City Council strongly encourages all users to read the Terms and Conditions prior to using the Facility.

Opening Hours and Access

Opening hours

The Facility is available 6am to midnight, 7 days a week, including public holidays. No access is available outside these times.

How to find the Facility

The Facility is located in the B1 basement car park of the Council public car park in the Meriton Suites, 75-79 Albert Street, Chatswood, between Thomas Lane and Albert Lane.

Bicycle riders enter is via the shared car and bicycle entry ramp on Albert Avenue, Chatswood, approximately 50m west of Thomas Lane. When leaving a bicycle rider must use the shared car and bicycle exit ramp to Albert Avenue, Chatswood.


Bicycle riders should follow the bicycle logos when entering and leaving the Facility.

Bicycle riders must watch for other traffic and ride safely at all times as the ramps and roads within the building provide access to a number of car parks

Bicycle riders are not permitted to take bicycles through the building entrance.

Pedestrian access to and from the Facility

The entry and exit route for people walking to and from the Facility (with bicycles in the Facility) must use the pedestrian route to the public car park and the lifts in the main building. The lifts are available at the ground level and provide a direct trip to the Facility on basement level 1.

Bicycle riders must not walk into or out of the Facility using the car park ramps unless in an emergency situation.


The Facility currently provides for the following:

  • Bike cage compound with timed automatic lock
  • 41 bicycle racks
  • Change room facilities
    • One male change room with shower
    • One female change room with shower and baby change table
    • One male and female share toilet.
  • Bicycle maintenance station including bicycle repair stand, tools and tyre pump
  • 16 lockable lockers via pin code


The Facility has the following security arrangements for the safety of users:

  • Three closed circuit television cameras in operation and recording 24 hours a day.
  • Emergency contact point to Willoughby City Council.
  • Regular onsite inspections by Council staff.
  • After hours security patrols.


Bicycle riders must follow the following guidelines

Bicycle cage compound

Ensure the doors to the Facility are closed upon entering and exiting.

Do not allow people to follow you into the Facility that are not users of the Facility.

Damage, rubbish, abandoned bicycles and graffiti should be reported to Council immediately

Bicycle parking

Riders are not allocated individual bicycle racks.

Riders must not leave locks or chains on bicycle racks when not in use.

It is recommended that your bicycle is securely locked to the bicycle rack. You are responsible for providing your own locks and chains.

Bicycles must be placed on the rack only and not left freely around the facility. Please be considerate of other users when parking your bicycle in this facility.

Change rooms

Separate change rooms are provided for male and females. Users must lock the change room door when using a change room.

Change rooms can only be used by users of the Facility.

Please be considerate of other users when using the change room.

Please ensure the change room is left clean and tidy after use. No personal belongings are to be left unattended or stored in a change room.


This agreement applies during the usage of the lockers

  • Lockers are set for day use only.
  • Lockers are not for long-term storage. Therefore, lockers are set to unlocked automatically at 12 midnight each day.
  • User to ensure your personal belonging are collected prior to that time.
  • A locker is used at Users’ risk. Council is not liable for the loss resulting from lock failure, vandalism, locker access by others, theft, or failure to collect the articles after use.
  • Before using the locker, the user will check whether the locker is empty and clean and that it operates as it should.

How to use the lockers

 A user enters any combination of numbers on the keypad to activate the lock. When the combination is re-entered, the lock releases and resets .


Bicycle maintenance station

Equipment must be used correctly and returned to its correct position

Faulty and damaged equipment should be reported to Council immediately

Please refer to the Terms and conditions for more details.

Responsibility of Council and you

Willoughby City Council is responsible for:

  • Security monitoring of the Facility
  • Maintenance of Facility
  • Monitoring and update the Facility Management and Operation Plan

The Facility user (you) are responsible for:

  • Security method of fixing personal bicycle to racks (for example, chain and locks).
  • Reporting of damage and hazards to Willoughby City Council.
  • General cleanliness of Facility during use.
  • Security of personal equipment brought into the Facility.
  • Reporting of equipment which not working.
  • Compliance to the terms and conditions for the use of the Facility.
  • Closure of the security cage door upon entering and leaving the Facility.

Emergency procedures

In the event of a fire emergency within the Facility and building, warning sounds will be evident, at which time:
  • Users are to leave the Facility immediately via the car park shared bicycle and motor vehicle ramp access.
  • Care should be taken of hazards when exiting including, but not limited to vehicles, slips, trips and ramp grade.
  • Users are to only carry personal equipment that can be carried without causing obstruction or injury.
In the event of serious injury or other emergencies:
  • Triple zero (000) is the number to call for ambulance, police or fire services in an emergency. Only call triple zero (000) if the situation is serious and urgent. You should call triple zero (000) if: someone is seriously injured or needs urgent medical help.