The Delicious Glory of Japanese BBQ

Written by Digest with Dan

Australians have had a long love affair with grilling quality meats over a barbecue. This obsession has only intensified with the accessibility to various cultures/cuisines that embrace a similar pastime. One that stands out in particular is the Japanese Yakiniku concept. Yakiniku is a Japanese word that means ‘Grilled Meat’ when broken down; ‘Yaki’ meaning grilled and ‘Niku’ meaning meat. With a focus on high-quality produce, Japanese BBQ often attracts diners because of a Japanese Yakiniku restaurant’s ability to draw out the natural flavours of meat, particularly wagyu beef. In fact, when it comes to any meat, these restaurants will expertly manage to extract the utmost flavour, taste and texture. If you are looking for the ultimate Japanese BBQ experience, look no further than these great restaurants in Chatswood.

Choji Yakiniku

228 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

Choji Yakiniku is one of the shining lights in Chatswood offering three dining options to showcase various experiences one can enjoy with premium quality meat. If you’re a wagyu lover, and you’re after the really good stuff, Choji is the ultimate destination with A5-grade Wagyu and Kobe Wagyu available on their menu. If you’re looking for a more laid back experience, there are various MB9+ cuts available across their menu and other proteins and seafood such as pork belly and scallops. The highlights of this experience are A5 Japanese Choji Yaki, the Wagyu Yukke and MB9+ Oyster Blade. Whilst the options are limitless, rest assured knowing whatever piece you choose will result in a lovely buttery and flavourful taste of beef that will melt in your mouth upon a few bites.

Choji offers more exciting dining options in their Omakase and Niku Bar experiences. The omakase is an intimate experience with Chef Kat who demonstrates a brilliant variety of delicious wagyu whilst adding in dry-aged duck and lobster for good measure. Niku Bar showcases the nightlife of Japan offering a selection of fun drinks and mouth-watering food which includes highlights like the A5 short rib and Choji’s original Katsu Sando. Due to their popularity, they’re much harder to book so keep an eye on their website to be updated.

BBQ 1-2 Choji Yakiniku Wagyu Yukke.jpgBBQ 1-1 Choji Yakiniku Grill Plate.jpg

Ebisu Yakiniku

332 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

Ebisu Yakiniku is a relatively new addition to the block but provides Chatswood with equal gusto in offering high-quality cuts of marbled Japanese wagyu. The two-storey Japanese diner offers a great variety of delicious meats like the Ox-Tongue, Thinly-sliced Wagyu rib and the L.A. Short Rib. At Ebisu, they use Binchotan charcoal adding a deep smoky aroma as well as delivering searing heat to produce a beautiful crust. Ebisu highly recommends ordering the thinly sliced wagyu rib, to sear it on both sides before popping it into your mouth. The marbles of fat in the slice will coat your entire mouth showcasing nothing but beefy richness and flavour.

If beef is not something you are after, Ebisu has glorious cuts of pork belly and non-barbecue items like chicken karaage and fried oysters. Yes, you heard right. If you have not tried fried oysters before, there is no better time to try them than now by visiting Ebisu. Delicate oysters wrapped in a fried batter and dipped with a sweet soy and mayo sauce. What is there not to love?

If you want a lovely lunch, Ebisu is offering valuable lunch sets with a variety of cuts, a bowl of rice, salad and miso soup! Grab a Japanese Charcoal Lunch set that offers you Ox Tongue, Full Blood Wagyu Rib, Thin Sliced Wagyu Rib, and L.A. Short Rib.

BBQ 2-1 Ebisu Cut of Meat -2.jpg BBQ 2-2 Ebisu Fried Oysters.jpg

Kuro-Sakura Japanese BBQ

15 Oscar St, Chatswood NSW 2067

Have a big appetite and massive cravings for awesomely seared marbled meat? Kuro-Sakura Japanese BBQ can satisfy those cravings through their all-you-can-eat buffet! There are two BBQ options available here with the basic package coming in at $59.95 or the deluxe BBQ package coming at $99.95. Spoil yourself with the deluxe set and be exposed to a variety of wagyu cuts available like rib fingers, oyster blades and scotch fillet steaks to name a few. Or stick with the basic set which offers a limited range of wagyu but still provides bountiful meat options on the menu to alleviate any meat cravings. Not to worry, other proteins are available on the menu also like the classic pork belly or fresh salmon/kingfish sashimi

Kuro-Sakura highly recommends the Oyster Skirt and the Premium Wagyu Ribs (only included in the Deluxe package) for the ultimate experience. The premium wagyu ribs are marinated in a secret sweet soy coating which provides a wonderful caramelised flavour when seared over the hot grills. The oyster skirt comes unseasoned but you can let the rich marbling and natural beefy flavour do all the talking.

If one wasn’t enough, Kuro-Sakura will be adding a second store named Naruto in the near future. So, if you are craving Japanese BBQ, never fear because there will be more seats available for you to satisfy your meat cravings.

BBQ 3-2 Kuro-Sakura_Table.jpg BBQ 3-1 Kuro_Sakura Grill Plate.jpg

There are no shortage of options available in Chatswood if you should find yourself craving Japanese BBQ and delectable cuts of grilled meat. If you’re after the most premium experience you can find, Choji Yakiniku delivers that in spades. Want to eat your fill? Visit Kuro-Sakura and if you’re after something casual but also delivers on quality, Ebisu Yakiniku is the place for you. Enjoy!