Feeling pho-nomenal

Warm yourself up this winter with the best phở in Chatswood, reviewed by Digest with Dan

Winter is coming and there’s no denying that some of our favourite comfort foods will be out in force to keep us warm! One of the best that comes to mind is a hot bowl of phở. A staple in Vietnamese cuisine, this combination of rice noodles and broth is a meal everyone often flocks to and is guaranteed to be found on the pages of a menu inside any Vietnamese eatery around Chatswood. Known for its deeply aromatic beef broth, gorgeous cuts of meat and fresh sides of basil and bean sprouts, phở is fast becoming a favourite comfort dish that’s not only convenient but extremely delicious. Alternatives also exist with the chicken and vegetarian options being available with aromatic broth and delicious rice noodles still being the constant. To warm your belly this winter, visit these top places for phở in Chatswood.

Classic beef phở from Saigon Rolls

Kiosk 5, Chatswood Interchange, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

Starting off this list with the most classic form of phở from Saigon Rolls. An 8-hour beef broth is added to rice noodles, beef brisket and beef meatballs with shallots, bean sprouts and coriander for added aroma and texture. For those who want to try phở for the first time, this classic rendition of the dish would be the way to go. The broth is light but permeates with that beef flavour so you’ll know you’re slurping on something good. For the ultimate bite, grab a few noodles, meat and veggies onto a spoon before following it up with that broth. You will not be disappointed.

Saigon Rolls Pho 1.jpg

Phở dac biet from TôMì’s Kitchen

Shop 5, The Concourse, 409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

The phở dac biet (combination beef noodle soup with rice noodles, rare beef, seared brisket, tendon, tripe and beef ball) is your one-stop shop to enjoy everything there is to enjoy about beef phở. Influenced by the southern style of phở, TôMì offers a darker broth bringing in a slightly richer flavour which also comes with a deeper aroma from the herbs and spices. This bowl has all your favourite (and exotic) cuts of the cow so you can enjoy the variety whilst packaging it with rice noodles and the richer broth. Something they do here is sear the brisket pieces which add an extra dimension of texture and crunch to your bowl of phở.

Pho 2 - Pho Dac Biet_Tomis Kitchen.jpg

Grilled wagyu phở from Me Phở

375 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

Looking to spice up your bowl of phở and make it a little more luxurious? Me Phở has you covered with their special grilled wagyu phở and it’s exactly how it sounds. The bowl of phở comes with a fillet of wagyu beef that’s been seared medium rare but you can cook it to your appropriate done-ness by dunking it into the hot soup. Topped with a generous variety of condiments like red onions, bean sprouts and basil, combine your chewy rice noodles with a rich piece of beef to give yourself a glorious mouthful of flavour. The wonderfully charred pieces adds another dimension to your usual bowl of chewy noodles and compliments the lighter style of broth served at Me phở.

Grilled Wagyu Pho Me Pho 3.jpg

Immune boosting chicken phở from Madame Nhu

8/1 Anderson St, Chatswood NSW 2067

Bored of beef? Looking for another alternative that will warm your belly and perk you up? Madame Nhu has the thing for you in their self-proclaimed 'Immune boosting” chicken phở. A chicken variation of the classic broth and noodles, this particular bowl of phở is made using chicken stock and is accompanied by strips of chicken Maryland to ensure you get your equal serving of protein with the bowl. With a lighter broth coming from the chicken stock, this option is just as yummy and is a great choice for anyone who may want a switch up from the usual beef rendition. Oh, and this pho is loaded with vegetables too to make sure you eat your greens. Don’t like veggies? Grab their classic chicken Maryland pho instead which comes without it.

Pho 4 - Chicken Pho by Madame Nhu.jpg