Discover Chatswood’s flourishing vegan and vegetarian food scene

Ramen Zundo
Chatswood Place R11, 260 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood

ramen zundo.jpg

Ramen Zundo is a casual contemporary Japanese restaurant located in Chatswood Place that offers both vegetarian rice and ramen options. The atmospheric chic and modern décor create an ambience that is perfect for catching up with friends and family.

The vegetarian options include a rice set meal and ramen in soy or miso soup base that’s cooked from seaweed and vegetable stock. Compared to other ramen eateries where they may only have one type of vegetable in their noodle soup, Ramen Zundo offers their ramen with fresh and crunchy bean sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, refreshing pickled bamboo shot and top with a generous piece of lightly fried agadeshi tofu. The restaurant also provides an extensive range of Japanese beverages and tasty side dishes. The service is fast and friendly, making it an excellent dining experience.


Dew Drop Inn Tea House
Ground Floor/4 Spring St, Chatswood

Dew Drop.jpg

If you're looking for a hidden gem tucked away from the bustling main streets of Chatswood, look no further than this all-vegan restaurant. Dew Drop Inn Tea House offers a wide range of vegan dishes such as curry rice noodle soup, black pepper cutlet with rice, stir-fried vermicelli and vegetarian chicken nuggets with pineapple. On weekends, you can choose between plain rice or their specialty mushroom rice with the mains.

All foods are plant-based with protein dishes made from soybeans and mushrooms. The tea house also sells takeaway radish cake, buns and pre-packed vegan meals for those who prefer a convenient meal at home. The healthy and delicious plant-based food and the ‘zen-ness’ surroundings make Dew Drop Inn Tea House a surprising vegan eatery in Chatswood.


Thai Naan Restaurant
230 Victoria Ave, Chatswood

thai naan.jpg

Thai Naan Restaurant is a popular restaurant with an effervescent atmosphere and soft lighting. The restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes, including vegetable spring rolls, curry puffs, and vegetarian Penang tofu curry or satay vegetables with tofu. Warm yourself up with traditional Tom Kha or tom yum soup, which comes with an option of tofu, mushroom, or mixed vegetables. You can’t go past Thai Naan Restaurant’s specialty, Deep Fried Crispy Tofu. The tofu and vegetables are cooked with light batter with a choice of garlic chilli pepper, tamarind crispy onion or soy ginger sesame.

Vegetarian Pad See-Ew is also a must-try with its rice noodle cooked to perfection combined with a good balance of greens and tofu and a touch of fragrant soy sauce. The menu also includes a dessert option featuring taro sticky rice with a choice of egg custard or mango slices when in season.


Chatswood Mall Market
Victoria Avenue, Chatswood (Thursday and Friday Only)


Vegetarians and vegans are in for a treat when visiting the Chatswood Mall Market. Located in the main section of Victoria Avenue every Thursday and Friday, the market offers plentiful options of vegan and vegetarian meals and snacks to satisfy your taste buds.

There are authentic Malaysian meals from VE Sweet; Nasi Kerabu, Curry Laksa Noodles, followed by garlic mushrooms or BBQ capsicums from Spanish-inspired vegan food Mojo Picon or vegan crepes from Crêpes Mademoiselle. A variety of desserts and sweets are the favourites for vegetarian diners; peanut and black sesame mochis from Hong Kong Dessert & Street Food, Taiwanese wheel cakes with hot taro or custard fillings from Bao Dao, Korean Hotteok pancakes filled with delicious red bean paste, cinnamon and nuts. Finally, quench your thirst with flavourful sugar cane juice with lime or lemon to conclude the amazing vegetarian/vegan safari at Chatswood Mall Market. For something to take home, Taipei Dainty Bakery offers a wide range of vegetarian mooncakes for you to enjoy all year round!