Southeast China food trail

1. Braised fish in chilli at China Chilli

Chatswood Interchange, Shop T69 Podium Level, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

Looking to spice up your boring lunches? Well, you can certainly look to bring the heat by dining at China Chilli. The smell of the chilli and tangy spices will bring you to the bustling streets of Sichuan where such dominant aromas fill the air. Go for the braised fish and chilli where the dominant flavours are on show! The chilli oil and broth contain a wonderful mix of numbing chillies that brings a unique mix of heat and acidity. Layered over the braised fish, the flaky texture of the fish meat is a joy to have with every mouthful being more delicious than the last. If you are looking to bring the heat, look no further than China Chilli’s offering of braised fish.


2.  Extraordinary xia long baos at Lilong by Taste of Shanghai

Chatswood Interchange, Shop 68, Level 3, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

Ever wondered what it’s like to bite into a dumpling and have it burst with delicious soup?! That’s exactly the joy a xia long bao (soup dumpling) gives you. Each dumpling is an aromatic package containing hot soup and minced pork filling. Often accompanied by soy sauce and red vinegar, the salty and acidic sauce adds another great dimension to the savoury dumplings. The streets of Shanghai are filled with restaurants and street vendors serving up multitudes of these bamboo baskets. The steam trails follow kitchen to table bringing joy and excitement. At Lilong by Taste of Shanghai, you will see same joyous faces when those delicious xia long baos leave the kitchen and arrives at your table.


3. Siu mai dumplings at Fortune Place

Mandarin Centre, Level 3, 61-65 Albert Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

There is no better way to catch up with friends and family than over freshly brewed tea and a basket filled with steamed siu mai (pork in wonton pastry) dumplings. Yum cha is a popular pastime I’ve enjoyed time and time again either breakfast or lunchtime making it one of the ultimate ‘brunch’ meals. With calming teas, a magnificent variety of delicious dumplings, and a jovial atmosphere, there is no better experience. The siu mai dumplings are my absolute favourite and are a dish I’d recommend everyone to order. This particular type of dim sim is wrapped in wonton pastry and packed with juicy pieces of pork mince where it is steamed to juicy perfection. The look on the faces of those at my table when they take a bite is enjoyable each time. Can’t put a price on that!


4. XO pippis at Mama Mulan

Level 1, The Concourse, Chatswood NSW 2067

Nothing makes for a finer dinner than a dish that has been made with the coveted XO sauce. In Hong Kong, XO sauce combined with any seafood reigns supreme. If you’re in the mood to celebrate, these particular dishes are guaranteed to bring a wow factor every time it comes to the table. At Mama Mulan, the XO pipis is one of the primary attractions here. XO is a dried seafood-based sauce that explodes with umami flavours combining brilliant well with the pipis. Each tender pipi is layered with sweet, salty, spicy and umami notes meaning each bite is an explosion of flavour. Combined with the crunchy fried vermicelli bed on which it sits, each bite provides a luxurious feel of both taste and texture. If you are looking to celebrate, Mama Mulan’s XO pipis is absolutely perfect! 


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